China's Majior Trademarks: The Great Wall Of China

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The Great Wall of China has been around for many years and is one of China's majior trademarks. The Great Wall has been through many centuries and has had many purposes.

The process of building the Great Wall has taken more than one century, but it is believed to have started more than 100 years before the Ming Dynasty. Ming Dynasty under the rule of Qin Shi Huang of the 3rd century (c. 259-210 B.C.) began after they had expeled the Mongolsout of China. During the Ming Dynasty, they had used more skillful laborers and stronger materials.

The main idea for the Great Wall was for protection, but it had not been the best choice of protection. Even though it didn't really offer much safety, the soldiers used the height of the wall to look beyond for any oncoming threats, then they would rely on smoke signals for communications. The height of the wall is said to be around 15-30ft high. Also they are
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When the Ming Dynastty ruled, Qin had used about 1 million laborers and had them build with stronger substance like grantie, brick, and limestone. In charge of the plan was a Chinese general named Meng Tian. It is believed that 300,000-400,000 people had died in the process of making the walls and that they were even buried in the wall itself. It is said that the long, aching production of the only man made thing in the world seen from space was finished during the 17th century. The wall is not fully connected but in many different sections, but several believe it had been completely connected.

The Great Wall of China is also known as Wan Li Chang Cheng. Many people believe the Great Wall is either 5,500 or started as 3,100 miles long. Some even say it is 10,000 Li-long, Li meaning 1/3 of a mile. Even though there are several estimated amounts of the Great Wall's length, it is still unknown today. As the years go on, there are still so many mysteries of the Great
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