China's National Interests Essay examples

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Evaluate the relative importance of the factors that shape the national interest in one Asia-Pacific state you have studied this year.
National interest outlines the goals or objectives of foreign policy and is used as an all-embracing concept to justify policy preferences and actions. These commonly guide the interactions that occur in the global political arena. China’s key national interests consist of economic development, secession and territorial integrity, creating a harmonious society and a peaceful rise within the international community. The People’s Republic of China is widely believed to be the world’s next superpower by 2030 so the pursuit of these national interests is important in maintaining their strong economy to help
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Central to China’s national interest is the determination that regions such as Tibet and Taiwan which have historically challenged the autonomy of Beijing will not seek, declare, or attempt to attain independence. If one of these regions were to successfully break away from Beijing, it is feared that others would be encouraged to do the same. China’s territory must remain intact and Beijing refers to these pressures as “one of the three forbidden forces of terrorism, extremism and separatism”. In order to prevent the Uighurs from seceding in China, Beijing implemented the 'heal Xinjiang' plan 2010 to achieve long-term social stability through "leap-frog economic growth". This aims to raise the GDP of the Xinjiang region, raise annual income of both urban and rural residents and increase local access to public services to national levels by 2015. China has also used its military power as an instrument to deter regions from challenging China’s sovereignty. It is estimated that in 2012, China has strategically placed 1,800 missiles on its coast facing Taiwan as a reminder to the island of the dangers of formally declaring independence.

Increasing social tensions within China have led the Communist Party, at the 17th annual Chinese Party Congress, to
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