China's One Child Policy Dbq Essay

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Three Reasons Why China’s One Child Policy was a Great Idea.

China’s One Child Policy was founded in 1949, this policy was founded upon the idea that China’s population was growing at an exponential rate (Doc B). China had one of the largest growing populations at over 150 million every year and with a population density of over 104 people/sq. km in rural areas and in cities up to 22,350/sq. km (Pop. Den.). China’s One Child Policy focuses on lowering the fertility rate of women and in turn lowers the population and population density, this is done by limiting most of the Chinese society to only having one child. China’s One Child Policy was a good idea because it focused on academic achievement, lessened the load on the environment and lowers fertility rates in women which then in turn lowers the already crowded Chinese population.
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This policy menr people who marry late, wait to have children until later in the life, and have only 1-2 kids will get rewarded with better retirement and healthcare benefits and other various rewards. If the parents broke these laws and regulations, they could be fined, have child abortion, get sterilized, or have the second, third, or fourth child not receive benefits, such as a retirement, a social security number, or an equal education. There were some exceptions such as daughters that are an only child that live in uncrowded urban areas.

Finally, The One Child Policy was a good idea because it pushed academic success, lessens the load on the environment, and lowers fertility rates which then lowers the population density of already crowded China. Although China’s One Child Policy was a great idea and has helped China significantly, it has created a gender imbalance of over 32 million males than there are
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