China's One-Child Policy

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Over population is an extremely serious problem facing the world today. According to an article from Newsweek in Oct. 2009 called “Where do babies come from?”, today’s world population has reached over 6.6 billion people. Also the article mentioned that in 2009 57.4% of all new born babies who were born this year came from Asia alone. This is an issue because over population can lead to hasty consumption of resources. China who has one of the largest population in the world with over 1.3 billion people, has taken a stance against over population. By introducing China’s One-Child Policy (Family Planning Policy) in 1979, China hopes to decrease its country’s annual population growth. China has implemented the policy by many different…show more content…
The book also discusses the teaching of family planning in school at a young age and in the community for young women.
Using propaganda to help the people of China to be aware of family planning has significantly help decrease China’s population. According to an article written by Davis Kingsley called “The Political Impact of New Population Trends”, by using propaganda China has help pushed its people to accept and embrace the One-Child Policy even if they have to resort to stretching the truth (pg. 7). By using drastic measures to help decrease population growth China has implanted deception to its people. According to Kingsley, the most shocking information that China’s health officials have given its people as to why postponing marriage is a good decision. Kingsley discover that China’s health officials state that intercourse before the age of mid-to late-twenties is detrimental to the development of the body (pg. 9). Though the use of propaganda to implement the One-Child Policy is significantly decreasing China’s population growth, the use of deception in China’s propaganda message is an unethical way for the government to play with its people ignorance and faith in the political system.
Another approach to implement China’s One-Child Policy is by taxation or paying a certain amount of money for fines. Fines or taxation amounts are based on the family’s
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