China's One Child Policy Essay

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Views on family planning in China range from good to bad. Many people have an assumption of what the law is, but never took the time to explore the topic and fully comprehend the importance and the actual meaning of it. Of course, we can all say what a harsh law it is or what a good law it is, but do we truly understand why China did it? Why it has affected many so many people there? It is every human’s right to make the decision to have children, as it is their responsibilities. Did China not believe this? Or did China not respect the God given rights as a human being? In the dictionary it defines rights as, something (as a power or privilege) to which one has a just or lawful claim, and the dictionary also define responsibilities…show more content…
People don’t realize that it’s unhealthy and wrong to abort a fetus from your body, especially if somebody coerces you to do so. You are in control of what happens to your body and what you choose to do with it and the China government shouldn’t be able to force you into doing anything you don’t want to. In my belief the law is not just unfair but also against the rights we humans have. From 1979 to 2002 you were required to have permission to have your first child; they later revised it to where you are allowed your first child without needing the permission of the government. There are also exceptions to law now such as ethnic minorities; the law doesn’t apply to them, rural residents; they most of the time allow a second child especially if their first born is a girl, and when both parents are only children; they are allowed to have two children. If you wait to marry and have a child you’ll be awarded. Many of the awards consist of better living, longer maternity leave, better health care and you can apply for loans with no interest. Those who follow the policy correctly can receive awards such as “Certificate of honor for single-child parents”, and such awards as those whose wait. However if you are caught breaking the law you will have to pay large fines. If you are unable to pay the fines your family can get
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