China's One Child Policy

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China’s One Child Policy; Impacts on the Society, the Economy, and the People. By David Goheen Due: December 14, 2007 Executive Summary During the years before the implementation of the One Child Policy, the leaders of China were involved in wars, a great leap forward, and an industrial revolution. In the last twenty five years China’s One Child Policy has affected the country in every way one can imagine. This paper will attempt to explore the major ways the policy has affected the people of China socially, and how the economy has reacted with the change. A brief history on the traditional views of Chinese families, before the policy’s implementation, is outlined ahead of the policy’s background. This is to illustrate…show more content…
It was a simple encouragement to the people to have fewer children. The policy does allow many exceptions, though they are limited. The policy is flexible when couples have twins. The number of children couples are legally allowed to have varies by ethnicity, employment, and area of residency. (8; pg 46) Problems It was not long before the first failure came into view of the world. The policy played unfairly against different classes, especially rural farm families. Rural families needed more farm help and larger families. They were, in a sense, punished for needing bigger families to run their farms and as a result were often fined. There are many accounts of the government’s “encouragements” being very extreme. Mass forced abortions, infanticide, and forced sterilizations are some of the most extreme ways the government tried to put an immediate cap on the population growth. Never officially acknowledged by the government, infanticide was the grizzliest strategy used as a last resort to keep number in check. Facing demotion, termination or salary cuts, doctors had no choice. Outside the boarders foreign policy makers praised China for taking action to limit the population growth. (9; pg 249-254) The male to female imbalance was fueled by the

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