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“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life” (Quote Garden). This quote by Isadora James shows the importance of having siblings and large families, a lifestyle China doesn’t have. The one-child policy has created many problems for China after it was created by the Communist party to control population growth; however, China is taking steps towards relaxing it, and many more people are speaking out. The one-child policy has caused many more issues than it has solved. The restrictions people must follow are causing a lot of the problems. One of the issues is that China will not relax the policy (Olesen 1). By limiting urban families to one child in a family, China is trying to conserve …show more content…
Parents of only-children do not always realize their child needs social education (Hua 3). Only-children also have a tendency to be spoiled and see themselves superior to everyone else (Hua 1). Professor Chen, the founder of the Young Child’s Socialization Project states, “IQ’s of single children are not much different from those of other children, but their ability to cooperate, share, help, and exercise self-control is lacking.” Professor Chen is stating only-children have a harder time interacting because they don’t have the “practice” at home (Hua 3). When these children grow up, they are going to have a harder time fitting in with society. Their social skills could potentially be lacking compared to those of a person who grew up with siblings. Social skills are very important in today’s society, and children lacking siblings could have a very hard time fitting in.
Many babies have been taken by family planning officials. The officials told families the law allowed them to confiscate their babies (Demick 4). Many families were even forced into giving up their daughters by being beaten or threatened. Officials have also tricked parents into signing away their parental rights (Demick 2). “Babies were taken by coercion, fraud, or kidnapping,” and the officials just pretended the babies were abandoned (Demick 1). The incentive behind officials taking babies was the $3,000 paid by adoptive parents (Demick 1). Some officials

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