China's Relationship With The West Essay

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China's Relationship With The West There is great concern in the West about the issue of human rights in China. Is the West able to have any influence over this issue? 1. Pressure On China High-level visits to China from important political people such as the President, MPs and the Prime Minister, put extreme pressure on China and the government. As well as pressure, they also bring a mixture of criticism, praises, suggestions and proposals. President Clinton of the USA visited China in June 1998. While he was there, he made an impact on the country and the government and there were even suggestions that Mr Jiang was pondering the need for political reform. It was an achievement for Mr…show more content…
They dispute the facts and otherwise explain these incidents away." Emphatically shattering the careful language US officials have so far used to handle the subject, he added, "China's record on human rights is terrible. It is an authoritarian country… there has been some progress, but not nearly enough." This obviously made an impact on China because there had been nothing like it Chinese history. President Clinton avoided no issues, bringing up everything that was relevant to the topic of human rights. He often addressed the Tiananmen Square incident making references to it such as: they were wrong to kill their own people in quenching a rebellion against communist rule. The USA was delighted when Mr Jiang decided to allow nationwide transmission of the joint presidential press conference. This is because it brought public attention to human rights allowing more people to become aware of what was happening in China. Overall, Clinton's visit was quite successful and a lot of people gave him their attention because he was so forceful, direct and very critical. In October 1998 the Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, also paid a visit to China. He began by speaking of the "differences" between the West and China over human rights. When he arrived in Beijing, Mr Blair said that
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