China's Scientific Revolution in the Tang and Song Dynasties

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The scientific revolution was most notable in the Tang and Song Dynasties which covered a span of three hundred years. Chinese scientist, doctors and mathematicians made great strides and important advances in math, science, medicine and astronomy. Some of the inventions that were made during this era are still represented in Chinese culture today. Among some of the earliest scientific invention in these eras was the abacus, or what the Chinese called the shadow clock. This was the world’s first known calculator, and has remained one of China’s greatest inventions. In his article The Song Dynasty, Toni Zin explains, “The scientific development in the Song Dynasty ranked forefront in the world of the time. The world-shaking China's three greatest inventions-the gun powder, compass, movable-type printing were invented at that time, which altered the whole world's civilized rate of progress. The abacus began to be used and had become the main calculating tool since then.” (Zin, pg 4). Gun powder was the greatest invention that the world has ever known, and it was also one that has cost many lives. During the Song Dynasty, China trade a lot with the west. This got gun powder in circulation around the world. At the time, no one had ever seen anything like it. Some even feared it. Eventually, Europeans began to develop their own gun powder based off of the Chinese designs. With the invention of gun powder came new weapons. China is known for the first missile, which looked
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