China's Textile Tbt Impact

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International Business Research abou the texitle in BTT Effect of Technical Barriers to Trade on Chinese Textile Product Trade Ningchuan Jiang Visiting Professor. FedEx Global Education Center. UNC. Chapel Hill. NC 27599, USA Depart. Economics and Management, Chengdu Textile College, Chengdu 611731, China Abstract It has been more than five years for China’s entry into WTO. With the decrease of regulations of tariff barrier and non-tariff barrier, the export market of Chinese textile products has been expanded and the market shares have been increased, which arouses great attention of many countries in the world. Some countries increase the limit of import. What should be noticed is the more covert and more agile trade barrier, which…show more content…
1.2 Technical laws and regulations. The documents with legal sanction include law, decree or administrative regulations, which are issued and implemented 91 Vol. 1, No. 3 International Business Research by power organs. Some countries issue more and more complex technical regulations to limit importing products. Export of one product is related with various compulsory regulations of import countries. For example, when exporting textile products to America, Japan, France, Britain and Canada, one country should consider some relevant regulations such as demand of burning behavior standard, otherwise exporting products may meet with barriers. 1.3 Management regulations of product packing and label. Some countries make rigorous regulations on packing’s and labels of import products. The products must accord with these regulations, otherwise they are prohibited from being imported or sold in the import country’s market. The regulations include material, specification, word, figure or code of the product packing. Some packing materials should be testified by the exporter providing with disinfection documents, otherwise products cannot be used or importer. For example, in Jan. 1999 Canada proposed the quarantine demand for wooden packing’s of Chinese import products. However, in June of 1999, European Union proposed new demand for wooden pickings’ of Chinese
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