China's Vanishing Trade Imbalance

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Running head: China America Trade War Article: China's Vanishing Trade Imbalance Author: Eduardo Porter Media Source: New York Times Date: 1st May 2012 Internet Source: The reason for choosing this article is because it discusses the relations between international business partners America & China and highlights their role as global business organzaitions. The relation between China and America is a critical issue these days for the International Chamber of Commerce or as called "World Business Organization" and members of opposing parties are fighting for their interest. This article also explains the business behaviour of these two business partners related to exports, incomes and other activities that have impacted the business environment globally. The author highlights in this article the issue of China's trade imbalance. According to author, the trade imbalance of China is now vanishing, which he has proved by evidences. The initial paragraphs of the article explain how some policy makers and economists of America blames China and holds it responsible for its Trade Deficit (Trade and Forfaiting Review, 2012). Indeed Americans want to Punish China for hooking the exchange rate to the dollar in 2005, in order to subsidize exports, which resulted in big trade surplus that cost the jobs of America (Wolverson and Alessi, 2011). America has many plans to

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