China's Water Shortage

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The Problem China is a region that has experience substantial growth over the years in areas of industry, living standards, and population. But this success has resulted in the depletion of one of the greatest natural resources water. Industrial growth means an increase demand for water used in production processes and much of the water being used is not being reclaimed. A higher living standard means a greater demand for electricity that is lowering water levels in rivers used for generation. The population growth increases this nation's basic living need for water. Of China's 640 cities, 300 of them are suffering from inadequate water supplies (News Service Reports). Other issues related to water shortages within this nation are the…show more content…
The department of water administration under the State Council shall be in charge of the unified administration of water resources throughout the entire country." One can clearly see that there is no sense of central administration, and the resource management is spread across multiple departments and various levels within those departments. This Water Law was created to help remedy the water problem, but has potentially hindered the development of real solutions that can help the water shortage problem. Recommendations for Addressing Resource Management Issues The wastewater pollution within China has affected the environment, society, and agriculture. For many years, the construction of urban drainage, sewage, and wastewater treatment has lagged far behind the development and environmental requirements for the city. Mainly water systems are used as irrigation for farmlands and personal consumption. Since the water shortage China's grain production has been dramatically effected. To retrieve water for grain production, rivers are drained dry and aquifers are depleted by China's water needs (Brown, 1998). Competitive demands are faced by farmers for water by local cities and industries. The demands for water from industries are projected to increase from
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