Chinatown ( 1974 ), Falls Under The Category Of Film Noir Style

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Chinatown Critique Essay The film Chinatown (1974), falls under the category of Film Noir Style. The film 's basis its plot on corruption scandals, which shed light on dark secrets and very unfortunate events around the Cross’ Family, Evelyn Cross and her Father and John Cross (John Huston), who is the center figure of the plot, and a private investigator Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson). The central of the plot is a charge of conspiracy of the corruption between, politicians, Mr. Cross, and the police department corruption, that started in the less hopeless Chinatown, and now has ramifications in every sphere of L.A city. The history of the plot comes from a real-life event, The 1908 Owned River scandal and the administration of the department of water during this scandal. The film started with Gitte, hired as a private investigator by a socialite beauty “Faye Dunaway, to investigate her husband Hollis (a chief engineer), played by Darrel Zwerling. The mise-en -scene and the film are elaborated and directed by Roman Polansky (director) and Robert Towne (screenplay). In cinematography, one of the more important elements is the mise-en-scene. Due to the fact, that it keeps the audience emotional and psychological involve in the plot. As can be appreciated in Chinatown (Polansky, 1974), in this plot Polansky utilized several elements to create in the audience a double crosser twist, through the corruption and immoral activities portrayed during the film. In general, the motion

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