Chinese Brides And Chinese Wedding Fashions In Chinese History And Culture

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Because of the influence of Chinese history and culture, there are various of wedding dresses from ancient times. Hanfu clothes, Tang wedding clothes, and red cheongsam are the main Chinese wedding dress. However, what they all had in common of the bride’s and bridegroom’s dresses were: there must be decorative figures and patterns which representing auspicious meanings. Such as phoenix, peony, and auspicious patterns. Bridegrooms and the brides were dressed up in red finery and ancient rituals were performed during the ceremony. In china, red is the traditional color of Chinese wedding celebrations. Red is the color of good luck and is used as a wedding color, and is a theme repeated in the wedding clothing and other ritual wedding objects. Chinese traditional wedding with the bride and bridegroom in the red dress, a symbol of good luck, joy and happiness, indicates the days after marriage is booming. Besides, people tine the eggs red as gifts on a wedding day. These red things not only bring wedding pleased celebrate of atmosphere, but also bring auspicious blessings and respects to the new couple. The Wedding Banquet and Making Bridal Chamber Nowadays, the incorporation of Chinese and Western wedding is very popular in China. Mostly, the wedding banquet is hold on the evening of the wedding ceremony. During that time, the bride’s evening dress could be changed and replaced several times to toast the guests. At the wedding feast, the bride and bridegroom toasted the

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