Chinese Cinderella

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Adeline’s character:
In Chinese Cinderella, there are many instances whereby we can observe positive characteristic of Adeline.
Firstly, Adeline is accepting of her situation and is very forgiving. On the first day of school, there was no one taking her to school and after school, “nobody was coming to pick her up”. However, she does not blame her father for failing to pick her up from school. Not only she is accepting to her situation, she is also very independent. She did not ask for help but instead she tried to “find her own way” home. She kept walking but she “dared not cross the road”. Although she was scare as it was the first time she is on the street by herself, she told herself that “surely, if she tried hard enough, she would
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However, the oldest women in the family have the authority. After Nai Nai dies, and was “no longer head of the family”, it’s the next women, Niang, who take over the authority.
When big sister is only seventeen years old, she is arranged to marry Samuel who is already thirty-one, almost twice her age. Her life is “about to take a ghastly turn”, “to be taken out of school and thrust into the arms of a stranger”. Parents think that it is not necessary for girls to go to school and ordered them to marry a man, normally much older than her and because of this, Adeline is not allow to go to the university in England like big brother and second brother.
In conclusion, it was always unfair to the females in one way or another and the males always benefit in a Chinese family as they think that only a male can do the family proud.
Racial Discrimination
At that time, Chinese are of very low status. Streets in Tianjin were “named after dead French heroes or Catholic saints” and not after the Chinese even though it is part of china. Besides this, “the most exclusive shops painted their signs only in French”, which mean “no Chinese were there except for maids in charge of white children”. This shows that French are of a higher class than Chinese and Chinese are even of a lower status as compared to the maids in charge of white children. Not only French are of a higher status than Chinese, Chinese also have to act like a status lower than the Japanese by having to “bow and
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