Chinese Construction Firms And The International Market

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The In recent decades Chinese construction firms have become important and influential players in the international market, over last decades, especially in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America (Zhao, et al., 2009). The Chinese government?s strong support and encourag encouragement es has facilitated Chinese construction firms to explore pursue the overseas markets. The data from the China Statistics Yearbook (2015) displays states that the international turnover value produced by Chinese construction firms increased from $17.468 billion dollars in 2004 to 142.411 billion dollars in 2014; their overseas contracted value grew from $23.844 billion dollars in 2004 to $191.756 billion dollars in 2014; and
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Literature from various sources was reviewed in the first step in order to The Literature Review identified y the Key Competitiveness Indicators (KCIs) of Chinese construction firms, such as quality, reputation, profit and company?s culture etcetera. and so on. However, in the current dynamic global construction market, several indicators exist which may affect Chinese firms expanding their businesses overseas. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a model to analyse and improve Chinese construction firms? international competitiveness.
A three rounds Modified-Delphi interview was ere conducted with 15 Chinese construction industry?s experts; , the iterations of the Delphi exercise allowed the experts to modify the weighting of the KCIs and predict them beyond their own subjective opinions; which facilitated to establishthe establishment of an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model with the KCIs that may can improve Chinese construction firms? international competitiveness in the oversea markets.

Research methodology
Overview of the Delphi method
The Delphi concept was developed by from the American defence industry; , p Project Delphi was the name of a study undertaken by the Rand Corporation for the US Air Force in the early 1950s concerning the use of expert opinion (Robinson, 1991). The Delphi process is a research technique that combines both qualitative and quantitative approaches to
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