Chinese Contemporary Art and Social Change

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Chinese Contemporary Art and Social Change


The Chinese contemporary art history is only 30 years, but it has gone through almost all the genres of western art history.Like the Chinese economy, it changes and grows so fast, especially during 2003 to 2008, that it attracted the global attention.The latest 5 years, the whole environment of Chinese contemporary art has been changing, the new trend has emerged.This article will explain the change of Chinese contemporary art in the recent 5 years from politics, economy, public engagement, artist career prospect of view.
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The government call it culture industry, it gives permission to low interest loans to culture companies, special ex/import policies for trade for art works. For example, the City Bank of Beijing has a small loan for small size cultural industry, which is 1,000,000 RMB( about 200,000 USD)loan with no interests to qualified cultural companies.


Furthermore, China 's economy is going slower than before, the government realized it and also saw that culture industry benefit the economy in the western world, so the new policy "soft power" came out. With this new policy, Non for profit art organizations got or will get huge fund from the government. the museum movement in China began. In the next five years, museums, concert hall, art schools on the province and second large city level will raise. We now still can see a lot of small city 's museums and culture heritages in a poor condition, these situation will change, and the tourism council will follow, culture will become a huge business in China.
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