Chinese Cultural Issues

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Cultural Issues/Differences – China has a very old and complex culture. Traditions vary between towns, cities and country areas.
Chinese culture developed in isolation from the world – which means it is very different, and interesting. The Chinese are not very religious, and have blended different religions over time. In business, the Chinese value relationships. In architecture, symmetry and width are strong eg Forbidden city. Chinese food is very important, and local recipes are now found all over the world. Cultural activities, like the Temple Fair and the Lantern Festival (Chinese New Year) are special times for locals.

Customs - Tipping is NOT part of the Chinese culture, haggling is normal. Beijing though which has many tourists and has become somewhat used to tipping. Greeting each other in China is by bowing or nodding. When addressing people use their title and surname. Acknowledge the oldest person first. In China you should avoid physical contact, and especially avoid touching a woman in public. Public displays of affection are frowned on. Dress - in most settings in China people are expected to dress modestly, not showing too much bare skin. Public toilets often just a hole in the floor = No privacy!. There is usually a fee to pay, and you will need your own toilet paper. McDonalds does have western-style toilets.

Social Issues – Like any country, there are social issues and problems faced by people. Some of the bigger concerns are:
- Corrupt
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