Chinese Culture

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------ American Born Chinese Children under Chinese Culture

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, socialization is "the process of learning interpersonal and interactional skills that are in conformity with the values of one 's society" (American Heritage). It is a process of learning culture. During socialization, children will acquire attitudes, norms, values, behaviors, personalities, etc. within agencies of socialization, which were described as "Agencies of socialization are structured groups or contexts within which significant processes of socialization occur." according to the sociology terminology (Gidden 1). Socialization always begins very early in life. It starts from childhood and continues
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The majority of Chinese immigrant families engage in professional careers, such as engineering, medicine, accounting and research. Being socialized through their parents, many ABC 's expect to achieve those careers through the higher education. They will be told how decent and wonderful it would be if their jobs as a doctor or scientist. Also, their parents will reinforce the idea that those jobs will be useful to a society as well. On the Goldsea website, it is reported that: "young Asian American infiltrated professional ranks, primarily in medicine, engineering and accounting. The next few decades saw Asians multiply in those fields, while a small minority ventured into law, journalism and marketing. But even at the start of the new millennium, most promising Asian Americans continue crowding into medical and engineering fields, with corporate finance and management emerging as a serious alternative." (Goldsea 1). While many European Americans choose business as their careers, the young ABC still engage in the traditional careers due to the pressures of family and cultural biases.
Chen point out that the traditional Chinese family will train children through conformity (Chen 2). Under the Chinese immigrant families, what happens to the ABC 's Character regarding conformity? As to their personality development,
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