Chinese Culture - My Anti-Buddy Essay

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Shao Huiye is 17 years old, his life is centered around his education, as this is a very important

year of his life. This year, Shao will take the National University Entrance Examinations, which

will determine if he will get to continue his schooling the following year, if he does poorly, his

education in China, will be over.

Shao is not an average Chinese student, his family is wealthy and they live in Shanghai, one of

China's most wealthy areas. Shao's family has enough money, to afford paying for his school

tuition (1). His family also has enough money to pay for a "test-taker" to ensure Shao makes it

into college. “Many educators say the culture of cheating takes root in high school, where the
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These practices just do not exist in


In addition to the differences I learned about, I also learned about a lot of similarities. Chinese

teenagers love electronics, like American teenagers do. They also love playing sports and being

with their friends. Both Americans and the Chinese value education and feel that education is

important and our cultural norm is that our children go to college.

Originally, I wanted to do this research paper on China because I felt like I had cultural barriers

with the teens I work with from China, so I wanted to research more to figure out how I could

communicate with them more effectively. I started by interviewing a couple of the teens I work

with and just asking them questions about what their everyday is like. I explained what I was

doing and why I was asking particular questions and they were very open to it. After the

interviews, I went online and researched some articles about specific issues that came up in my

interview like: cheating on tests in China and the school system in China and I learned some

additional specifics (that I mentioned above).

The greatest value of this term to me, was the discussions we had as a class, the input I could read

from so many different cultures. I love the fact this class is online because it allowed for the

words, thoughts, beliefs of my classmates to be well
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