Chinese Discrimination In America

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The presentation in class by Ricky Thao has thought me a lot about Chinese Americans. Chinese Americans, who are one of the largest minorities in the Asian community, have a long history, culture and have faced discrimination in America like many other minorities. The Chinese Americans history began during the colonial era when many minorities started moving to the U.S. seeking job opportunities and a better life. Throughout the history they have influenced the country in many ways and their culture has become a part of the American culture. Also like other minorities, they have gone through a lot of struggles to make a name for themselves. And through the presentation and the information I gathered I was able to learn about the Chinese.
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But the law lasted more than ten years and was only removed in 1943 with The Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act. Some of the impacts that the act had on the Chinese population is that they were not able to grow, kept them from being with their family and they still couldn’t become citizens. The population of the Chinese in America couldn’t expand in the country because no Chinese immigrants were allowed. Also they couldn’t grow because the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Page Law didn’t allow women to come to the U.S. So they couldn’t have a family or bring their family over. And the act still didn’t let them become citizens and in order to become the would have to marry a white person which being involved with a white person was illegal. So they were facing racism and discrimination for many years and it’s crazy to think that they repealed the act just because of the alliance they had with China during World War II. Even after that they were able to become citizens but they were limited to the amount of people that can immigrate to the country per year 105 Visa through Quota of…show more content…
Vincent Chin was twenty-seven when he got beaten to death by Ronald Edens and Michael Nitz in 1982. The only reason they did that to him was that they saw him as a Japanese person when he is Chinese. At the time there were problems with the Japanese people and their car business. The problem is since the auto companies were not upgrading their vehicles people were losing their jobs but instead of fixing the problem they decided to blame the Japanese because they were doing a better job than them. So in all of this Vincent Chin who was out for a party ended up died in an unjust way.
Vincent was originally from Guangdong Province, China and adopted by Lily and David Chin he grew up in Detroit. He went to school for computers and graduated at Control Data Institute and was a great son to his family. Vincent and his family were like every other immigrant family “work hard and sacrifice for the family, keep a low profile, don’t complain, and perhaps in the next generation, attain the American dream” (Helen Zia
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