Chinese Etiquette : A Guide For Protocol, Manners, And Culture

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Chinese Business Etiquette: A guide to protocol, manners, and culture in the people republic of China by Scott D. Seligman is a book explaining different situations that gives an insight about that complexities faced by the Westerners doing business and travelling to China. “Good manners is generally just good common sense anyways.” (Seligman 1998) This was written in his introduction where in he stated that situations, attitudes and practices are timeless. This being said, this book was written almost 17 years ago in which an issue of advancement and adaptation can be raised since it evolves and develops rapidly. In addition, the question, is this book being the most suitable for Canadians to learn about Chinese etiquette? The answer was simply answered 17 years ago as well. Regardless of the time when it was written and published, the book conveys what a westerner or any other culture can encounter in China or in any country with Chinese cultural background. Furthermore, Seligman started by telling the audience of the book of what to expect and continued with personal experience and situations that an individual in different situations can possibly encounter. He also included tips and recap from what the chapter is about. In addition, having a good insight it is very evident that the author integrated himself into the book. These two chapters evolved around business situations from Chinese learning Western technological advancement to having business relationships and the

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