Chinese Exclusion Act Pros And Cons

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The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law that was passed out to the public and signed by the President at that time named Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882. It was one of the most outrageous restrictions out of all the immigration acts in US history, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese people from coming into United States. This act followed several revisions made in 1880 to the US and China Burlingame Treaty of 1868, this revisions has allowed for the US to stop Chinese immigration. The act itself was intentionally passed to last for 10 years, but was eventually renewed in 1892 and made then it was finally made permanent in 1902. The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law to be followed that was meant to prevent a specific ethnic group from coming into the United States.

The first and numerous Chinese immigration to North America began with the California Gold Rush that was around 1848-1855 …show more content…

The Scott Act of 1888 furthured this notion to the Chinese Exclusion Act, because it prohibited reentry once a Chinese left the U.S. in Constitution with the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Scott Act was supported by the Supreme Court in. The Supreme Court said that the power of stopping passage of foreigners is a case of sovereignty that had belonged to the government of the United States. Believing that it was a part of those sovereign powers made by the constitution. The Act was then also renewed for another ten years by the 1892 Geary Act, and again with a date that it will end in 1902. But of course the act was extended in 1902, it required "each Chinese resident to register and obtain a certificate of residence. Without a certificate they had a big problem because they faced

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