Chinese Gratitude And Gratitude

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[Abstract]: Gratitude is a recognition of others’ help, it is very important to express thankful in our social communication. Also, gratitude plays an important role in our interpersonal communication, it is indispensable for good interpersonal relationship. However, due to the differences between Chinese and western cultures, there are many differences in the language of gratitude and reply, which can have different effects on our communication. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the difference between English and Chinese thanks and the difference of answer, correct understanding and application of thanks. In this essay, I will compare those differences in this essay.

[Key words]: gratitude, cultural differences, communication,
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English is “thank you” and Chinese is “谢谢”. The object of the verb can be the object of appreciation and the content. I appreciate your understanding. (我十分感谢您的理解.) A negative expression can be used to express a person's true feelings. I do not know how to express my appreciation for your kindness.(真不知该如何表达我得感谢之情。) Although there are many similarities in the expression form of English and Chinese, there are still some differences due to the influence of the syntactic structure of the two languages. The following is a comparison of the similarities and differences between the expressions of gratitude and the expressions of non-direct expressions in English and Chinese. These examples are all direct expressions, people use words to express their thankful directly and this is the most common and easiest way for people to say…show more content…
When a customer order a juice and the waiter say yes, he express his thankful out of politeness.
- “Excuse me, do you have ‘A New Coursebook in Pragmatics’?”
- “Sorry, they are sold out.”
- “OK, thank you.” In China, people will not say “thank you” only if someone helps them or they get something from others. According to our own social and cultural politeness guidelines, they don not need to be thankful for service because it is their duty to provide services.
Here the customer ordered a cup of milk tea, and the end of this communication is said by the waiter.
About the object of giving thanks, Chinese culture is different due to the differences of interpersonal relations: for a purely working relationship, does not contain helpful subjective cordiality can thank, can also don't have to say thank you; Interpersonal relationships in colleagues, acquaintances and social activities should be treated differently depending on the relationship, hierarchy. Chinese people usually do not express thankful to their close friends and their families because they think it is rusty with each other. If the Chinese mother help her daughter washes her dress, she will not say thank you to her mother but in English countries, the mother will think her daughter is rude. Usually in Chinese family, parents will not say thank you to their children but express thankful in a way which western people can not
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