Chinese Healthcare System

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In this article, I introduce the Chinese Healthcare System. From establishment of the People's Republic of China till now, the Chinese healthcare have a lot of changes and revolutions. Due to the special social and economic structure, Chinese healthcare system is different from other countries healthcare system. This article will explain how dose Chinese healthcare system work? What problems dose it have? How can we manage those problems?

After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the country was recovering from the chaos of long conflicts both internally and with Japan. As a result, Chinese health conditions had declined, with health indicators at the lowest level compared with other countries
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Health care was provided in the Cooperative Medical System (CMS), which was mostly financed through a commune’s collective revenue and was minimally supported by the central government in the form of low-priced medicine and equipment. The CMS operated village and township health clinics that were staffed mostly by practitioners who had only basic health care training. These so-called barefoot doctors received much publicity and praise in the West for their supposed effectiveness in meeting the needs of rural populations (Lim, M. K., H. Yang, T. Zhang, W. Feng, Z. Zhou, 2004).
There were also dramatic changes in the rural health care system. After 1982 the rural economic system changed from the collective economy under the communes to one based on individual household decisions. As a result of this change, the CMS collapsed rapidly as it lost its institutional base for fund-raising (Project Team of the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, 2005).
Financing Chinese healthcare system
Financing refers to the mechanisms by which resources are mobilized to fund health sector activities. Financing has the most important and direct impact on the performance of a health system (Eggleston, K. W. Yip, 2004). Except for external aid and donations, which constitute about 0.1 percent of 2003 total health expenditures in China (WHO, 2006), all the money raised domestically through any kind of direct or indirect financing mechanism comes from
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