Chinese History: Pointed at the Wrong Direction

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China has always been proud of its history. Being one of the most advance civilizations way before America was even discovered, a lot of the Chinese today still cling on to their glory days even if they are one of the world’s superpowers. A massive country with patriotic citizens and a great economy is what people know of China today. However, what most people do not know and the rest wanting to forget, is that China had its fair share of atrocities done to its very own people. One of these, of course, would be the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, wherein under the great struggle of Mao Zedong return to power, he turned youths by the thousand to be his personal army, infamously known as the “Red Guards” and used them to persecute…show more content…
The four pests were rats, flies, mosquitos and sparrows. The extermination of the first three pests did a wonder to China, and is still evident today. The lessened rats, flies, and mosquitos in China are proof of their hygiene and sanitation. The fourth pest however was a blunder under Mao Zedong’s part. He believed that by exterminating sparrows that eat farmers’’ grains, he could increase the amount of food that could feed his people – extremely wary not to cause another famine. This however, resulted to an ecological imbalanced that caused an increase of insects, normally eaten by sparrows. Mao was truly an advocate of health and hygiene, in many of the photos of the Red Guards, they are always seen with face masks and a large megaphone (Louis Barcata 34-35). It was also written in the little red book of Mao that the health of the citizen was paramount to the progress of the country. From the time of the Cultural Revolution until today, it is in China’s laws that require certain institutions to spend minutes every day for exercise. The children under Mao Zedong’s rule and the children of today’s China are similar in a sense that they have the same morning exercise routine (A. Doak Barnett 275). Mao Zedong was truly a powerful and influential leader being able to make people act accordingly with just his words and ideas. This in effect lead to thousands, then millions of people being more health conscious.
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