Chinese Immigrants In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” -Marcus Aurelius. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan revisits the troubles Chinese immigrants faced before coming to America in search of a new life. Each mother in the Joy Luck club recalls her past and the people and items she left behind, along with regrets later regrets. Personal stories and struggles in the novel are similar to real world events that have occurred within the past year.
In early August of 2014, Egypt was making proposals for cease-fires between Palestinian and Israeli forces. Over the summer, fighting between the two groups had increased in order to claim the Gaza strip. More than 400 children were killed and 2,800 injured in the …show more content…

Clair, daughter of Ying-ying St. Clair, starts her story off with a ghost tale her mother used to tell her. She recalls, “When I was little, my mother told me my great-grandfather had sentenced a beggar to die in the worst possible way, and that later the dead man came back and killed my great-grandfather. Either that, or he died of influenza one week later” (Tan 145). Ying-ying implies in her story that her grandfather’s misfortune was a result of unfairly sentencing a beggar. Likewise, Darren Wilson, a former Ferguson police officer faced threats and other hardships after he shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. As the investigation unfolded, officers suspected Brown may have been the robber from a robbery in a nearby convenient store a few minutes before his death (Brown). However, even if he was convicted of being the theft in a fair trial, the death penalty would not be up for debate for such a small crime. Furthermore, Wilson claimed Brown approached him and refused to stop after being ordered to, thus forcing Wilson to shoot in self-defense. Whatever the truth was behind the shooting, Wilson received death threats and threats against his family. He was forced to move to into another house with an advanced security system and was unable to continue his police career because it made him vulnerable to the threats reaching him once again (Halpern). Both Lena’s great-grandfather and Darren Wilson unjustly decided the fate of a man, and as a result, …show more content…

Jing-Mei Woo discovers her mother Suyuan’s complete history after Suyuan passes away. A letter arrives from the two babies Suyuan had mentioned in her stories and Jing-Mei learns those two babies are her older twin sisters. They write what happened to them after Suyuan was forced to abandon them on the side of the road in order to save herself. The twins were rescued from a passing couple and raised by them after failing to find any remaining relatives. Likewise, numerous children in China are abandoned every day, mostly due to the one-child-policy, a policy that limits couples to one child. Due to this policy, parents dispose of children based on their gender or their health (Ripley). For example, a young boy named JiaJia, who was paralyzed from his waist down, was left outside a Chinese clinic after an unsuccessful surgery when he was three months old. JiaJia is still living in a foster home at the age of nine while his soon-to-be foster parents finish their paperwork (Ripley). Although JiaJia was abandoned because of his health, he was most likely left by parents that didn’t want to continue with a child that could slow them down, just like Suyuan had to leave her twins because she no longer had the strength to keep going with

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