Chinese Immigration And The United States

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Chinese Immigration
Immigration is an issue that has been considered a hot topic for quite some time now. The United States is considered a great place to be by foreign people because of all of the opportunities that await those willing to pack up and move their lives. While there are multiple reasons as to why an immigrant would want to come to the United States, the biggest reason would have to be for economic opportunity. According to Charissa Cheah, “As of 2010, 4.8% of the total U.S. population was Asian, and the Chinese were the largest Asian American ethnic group” (Cheah 31). Chinese immigration to the United States is particularly interesting because of how different the two cultures are. When Chinese immigrants come over, there is
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The first wave of Chinese immigration was due to the California Gold Rush, which lasted from 1848-1855. People from all over, not just China, came over at this time to try and get rich by panning for gold. During this same time, many Chinese immigrants came to America in hopes of working as contract laborers. The main goal for these immigrants was to escape the harsh living conditions that existed in the rural parts of China. The immigration rate then slowed down due to the Chinese Exclusion Act that was passed by Congress in 1882. This act limited the number of immigrants from China that could come into the country. As pointed out by Edlie Wong, “The Chinese Exclusion Act banned not only the immigration of Chinese laborers to the US, but also the naturalization of Chinese already in the US” (Wong 524). This obviously had an effect on the number of Chinese immigrants that were in the United States, which had an effect on the American culture since we have been known as the melting pot of the world.
Some people believe that immigration will not help the United States. It is more common for people to feel this way; that immigrants coming over can only create a negative outcome. Economic opportunity is the biggest reason for immigration to the United States. It does not only help immigrants out, but it also helps United States citizens in a major way. Though there are some drawbacks from providing economic
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