Chinese Immigration And The United States

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Chinese Immigration
Immigration is an issue that has been considered a hot topic for quite some time now. The United States is considered a great place to be by foreign people because of all of the opportunities that await those willing to pack up and move their lives. While there are multiple reasons as to why an immigrant would want to come to the United States, the biggest reason would have to be for economic opportunity. According to Charissa Cheah, “As of 2010, 4.8% of the total U.S. population was Asian, and the Chinese were the largest Asian American ethnic group” (Cheah 31). Chinese immigration to the United States is particularly interesting because of how different the two cultures are. When Chinese immigrants come over, there is a lot of adjusting to be done. Many people wonder about whether or not immigration is something beneficial or harmful to Americans. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Chinese immigration, but overall it can be seen as a positive thing for the United States, both economically and culturally.
First, there has been a long history of Chinese immigration. It was not all at once that the United States experienced immigration from China; it came in waves. The earliest wave started in the 1850’s. According the Migration Policy Institute, Chinese immigrants are now the third largest foreign group in the United States (Hooper). There were many different reasons for the start of immigration. Religious tolerance, economic opportunity, and…
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