Chinese Immigration Discrimination

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For centuries, America has been one to pride itself on the freedom and opportunity that lies within our borders, and it is these set of values that truly make our nation resonate as one of the most opportunistic societies of the world. Yet, America still exhibits the qualities that once prevented us from moving forward as a nation; racism, bigotry, and above all, fear of the unknown, and these obstacles are still shown to plague our society today.
Remembering our nation’s past encounter with fear of the unknown, America had combatted the illusive, nonconforming nature of the Chinese immigrants with the sweeping judgment of keeping those they were uncomfortable with out of their borders, resulting in one of the very first discriminatory laws
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Though it is understandable that we must put the wellbeing of our citizens before others, which is the reasoning behind our newly erected immigration laws, who is to say that these immigrants and refugees won’t someday be significant members of our society? Drawing from the results of the Chinese Exclusion Act, it is evident that though Chinese members of the industry were discriminated against, large numbers of Chinese and Chinese-Americans today are contributing greatly to our society, which can be said of all other racial and ethnic groups that were simply not given the opportunities they deserved. With the brunt of the new immigration policy on the backs of every immigrant-background American, we are more frightened than ever that people of the same background as our families won’t receive the opportunities we so fortunately have. This concern should unprecedented, but our current situation is dire. The outcome of these immigration policies cannot be foreseen in entirety, but one thing is certain: much like the result of excluding Chinese immigrants in the past, regulating immigration to this degree will only cause us to deprive ourselves of an ultimately more successful America. Our nation once stood out as a country of opportunity. Let’s once again await those in need with open arms, and it can be guaranteed that eventually, America will be great
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