Chinese Immigration Railroads

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The railroads had a unique opportunity to shape settlement in the region. To build the railroad Americans chose Chinese immigrants because these people were a hard worker and building the railroad was a hard job. During the gilded age, each year almost a million southern and eastern immigrants came in to the united states and crowded in to cities specially in New York, Boston, Chicago, and, Philadelphia. Americans stated that these immigrants are poor and could not learn English. The fact that these immigrants were Jewish, orthodox or catholic, made protestant Americans dislike these new immigrants. Also, Americans had a unique hatred for the new Chinese immigrants who worked long hours of labor for low ages. At that time, Chinese people were inexpensive labor the real road chose them so they can pay these people law wages.…show more content…
On May 10, 1869 Americans celebrated the first rail road crossing north America. The Union Pacific reached westward from Omaha, Nebraska and central pacific. This real road helped to transport horses and men west in the battle with Native Americans where they were weak to fight. It also helped hunters to gain a quick access to bison and they were able to harvest animals in easy way. After the civil war there was there was more, than twenty thousand bison but after the railroad the natural environment was destroyed and by the end of 1885, only one thousand bison remained. In 1893 congress gave the railroads 4,840 square yards, which worth more than 500 million dollars the railroad changed American economy, society and politics in gilded age. The railroad had a big impact by bringing millions of migrants to America. Between 1870 and 1900, the railroad helped bring more than two million American migrants to the Mississippi west. By 1905, sixty thousand Russian Mennonites come to fertile Kansas plains by using the Santa Fe
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