Chinese Immigration Research Paper

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I am writing this immigration guide for the country of the United States. Immigrants left their original homes to get from away wars, poverty, and starvation. Some immigrants came for freedom. A disease that rots potatoes caused a famine in the 1840s, which made Chinese people leave their homeland and migrate to the United States. When traveling to the United States, you are most likely to travel in steerage, which is the bottom area on a ship below the deck. Some people got sick while traveling, if you reached the United States and were still sick, you weren’t allowed entrance. The immigrants from Asia arrived in Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay. Only immigrants whose father was a U.S. citizens could then be allowed in the United States.…show more content…
The Immigration Act of 1924 was passed and it limited the total immigration population to be 164,000 people per year. In San Francisco, Japanese children weren’t allowed to attend schools with the white children. In 1848 there was the start of what they call California Gold Rush which was the rush of immigrants migrating to California and the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill. About 25,000 Chinese immigrants migrated to the US after the California Gold Rush. Chinese immigrants arriving in California in the 1850’s looked for riches, but instead they ended up working as manual laborers. There was also this new law which was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, was passed by congress and denied US citizenship to people who were born in China and then banned immigration from china for ten years, but unfortunately is lasted up till 1943 which was a total of 61 years. Chinese immigrants had to do most of the work from west to east transcontinental railroad. The workers and other immigrants face discrimination. Chinese immigrants were given dangerous jobs and paid less than the other workers. By July 1927 Asian immigration was banned
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