Chinese Influence On The United States

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Chinese Influence in America
Dustin Merritt
Webster University

The influence China is having on the United States is extraordinary. As America continues to drastically import and purchase from China, China is purchasing and investing in valuable American assets. Some of these assets include energy, entertainment, food, aviation, minerals, land and other businesses. Although we operate in a global economy, the positive short-term gains by American companies selling to foreign investors may lead to negative long-term consequences. Countries such as China are literally buying tangible assets on American soil. This trend could affect commercial prices, resources, supply and demand. When a foreign company or individual owns rights to assets in the Unites States, American citizens could be subject to their conditions. Americans could be at the mercy of market conditions set forth by an entity to whom we are directly competing with on a global scale. For better or worse, China has great influence on inflation, monetary policy and acquisition within our own borders.

Chinese Procurement of American Resources
Global market conditions have presented opportunities for investors to purchase assets for less. United States (U.S.) real estate prices are depressed and many firms in the West are starved for cash. The Chinese see this as a prime opportunity to rummage through the bargain bins and to gain technological know-how and international
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