Essay on Chinese Influence on American Cuisine

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Chinese Influences on America through Cuisine

Since the 20th century, Chinese food has had an influence on American cuisine, with over 40,000 Chinese restaurants across the country. There are more Chinese restaurants in America than all of the McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and KFC’s combined! The Chinese have taken over the American food kingdom.

The history of Chinese food started in the 1800s, when the Chinese came over to the United States during the Gold Rush. But the Chinese didn’t really eat what was considered “normal” food. They ate cats, rats, and sometimes dogs for meals. The Americans considered the Chinese as “aliens” because of their difference in culture. 34 years later, the Chinese were banned from coming
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So now, when you go to your local Chinese restaurant, you can see the key ingredients that the Americans have used to make General Tso’s chicken their own.

Chinese food is found all over the world (even in Antarctica where Monday night is Chinese food night at McMurdo’s station, the biggest research facility in Antarctica). It’s also found out of this world! NASA has put sweet and sour pork on their shuttle menu. So while the astronauts are floating in outer space, they can enjoy the food that they always eat back at home.

Tea is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in America. It is used as a caffeine-booster, a medicine for colds and other sicknesses, and much more. Not only is it useful for millions of people, it also originated in China. It was already a common drink during the Qin Dynasty (third century BC) and became widely popular during the Tang Dynasty. Later, it was imported to Europe and during the time in which America was colonized by the British, it was sent over became widely popular throughout the 13 original colonies. It was involved in one of the most famous historical events in history: The Boston Tea Party, in which 342 casks of tea was dumped in the Boston Harbor as protest against the British Parliament. Since then, tea has been one of the most popular beverages in America.

There are usually the same or similar kinds of Chinese dishes
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