Chinese Management Style and Western Style

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Compare and contrast common Chinese management styles and common Western management styles By Di Yang 09114786 Accounting, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Introduction It is a fact that the economic trade tends to occur among counties all over the world. The managerial styles about how to plan a project and control a complete process as well as directing work of subordinates in companies especially in the multinational enterprises become similar in the economic globalization process, but it still exists difference because of different cultures, values and different levels of technology development. China attended the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2005 resulting in the frequent transaction and…show more content…
Under the control of Britain, Hong Kong had had an enormous improvement in economic and introduced the western management style. Furthermore, this kind of management has been influencing factories and companies in Hong Kong although the workers hired are the local people. For example, Quality Control Circles techniques credited with helping a gain in productivity and improving quality and relationships between management and workers are that small group people hold regular meetings to discuss the current management for an improvement. It was firstly introduced to Japan from America treated with great enthusiasm by workers but it continues for a longer time compared with Japan in Hong Kong and achieves success (Evans, W.A. no date). The values of Japanese people which are typical Asian and seem to be as same as Chinese values affect the managerial behavior. It is thought that the management should be respected without any criticism. Nevertheless, workers in Hong Kong are glad to attend the company management and consider this necessary to increase management efficiency. This reveals that the management style in Hong Kong is western to a certain extend. Leadership in management Leaderships in company management styles are varied in west generally because of its early
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