Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Chinese mothers
If you ask parents all over the world, what they wish for their children, most of them would answer that their children should have a happy life. Does it mean that parents dictate every single step for their kids to take? When a child get used to follow orders from his/her parents all the time and doesn’t have any kind of freedom in his/her spare time, wouldn’t this dictatorial upbringing and zero tolerance toward the child lead to weak points and errors in child’s life?
To get high marks at school and eventually having a good job does it equal to a happy life? What is most prioritized happiness or success in life?

On the 8th January 2011, an article was published in the Wall Street Journal to explain the superiority
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The Chinese parenting method intends to focus on a targeted direction for the kids without paying attention to the kid own interest and ability of doing things. Because as parent you will be the decision taker, which later on will create an adult who is indecisive and depended.
However this parenting method has some good sides too. Because you as decision taker make it easier for your child to follow the “ideal“ path. As it takes off a lot of the pressure from kids shoulder and it will spare them from being confused and making decisions themselves.
Finally you can say that the Chinese method is mixing the fact of being happy or being successful person. They define happiness in being successful at their profession. While the western assume happiness as success in life. In todays globalized lifestyle it is essential for everyone to be open-minded to achieve success and happiness. While, the Chinese method makes it difficult for individual to adopt new ways of thinking and way of doing stuff, because the kids have been obligated to follow the specific rules that their parents have created for them. As a parent it can be very difficult to balance what is the best for your child and what makes them happy. You should allow unstructured play as it helps children work together with others and thereby negotiate and solve conflict. Children also have to be taught to express their emotions so they can
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