Chinese New Year Is Really Just Around Teh Corner

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Chinese New Year is really just around the corner. The Chinese will definitely be busy running errands to make sure that the Chinese New Year celebration is well prepared. Some may choose to start as early as a month before the celebration which also means the last month in the Lunar Calendar. This way, they get to plan things they need to have for the celebration and slowly distributing the tasks among the family members and then carry them out.
Since Chinese New Year is the most important celebration among the Chinese, the celebration is always a grand one where family members gather around the house to eat, chat and play. Noises are definitely one thing that will not be missed during the celebration. If you are thinking Chinese New
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Then, the Chinese will also be preparing the food list to have during the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner. It is the time where all the family members really gather together to dine. It does sound similar to the Western Thanksgiving dinner. Dishes that symbolize prosperity will be prepared and it will all be fun if you manage to get everyone together to help.
Last but not least, prepare the red packets. It has been a tradition in Chinese New Year to give out red packets. The amount of money inserted is not important but the meaning of the act is very important. Red packet is known as 'lai see' in Cantonese and it means lucky money. Usually the adults will prepare the red packets and give it out to the children throughout the Chinese New Year as a blessing.
That is about all the preparation that needed to be done before ushering the first day of the Lunar Calendar. Though it sounds simple, there is actually a lot to be

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