Chinese Observations

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Observation: In this activity, Wan Yi had to make orange drink. Wan Yi was given a cup of water and bowl of orange juice contrate. Wan Yi watched the demonstration done by Teacher Nad. She then picked up her soup spoon and scooped her orange juice concentrate into her cup of water. Teacher Nad said, “That’s right, good job, Wan Yi. Do you want to stir now?”. Wan Yi scooped the concentrate for a couple of times time started stirring the mixture. Teacher Nad asked Wan Yi, “What happened to the water Wan Yi? What is the colour of your drink now?”. Wan Yi did not reply. Wan Yi looked at her peers who were also stirring and some who already start drinking. Teacher Nad asked, “Do you want to try the drink now?”. Wan Yi put down her spoon and picked
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