Chinese People And Government Participates In Organ Trafficking.

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Chinese people and government participates in organ trafficking. The people cannot admit to doing such a thing as it violates the Temporary Rules Concern in the Utilization of Corpses or Organs from the Corpses of Executed Prisoners Act, which was enacted in 1984. The act states that “the use of organs of executed criminals must be kept strictly secret, and attention must be paid to avoid negative repercussions.” (Glaser 20) The fight against The Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism came about as a result of a of a summit that was held in Istanbul by the Transplantation Society and the International Society of Nephrology. The summit discussed transplant commercialism, transplant tourism, and organ…show more content…
The point of the Declaration is to ensure that any member of the medical community that is caught having anything to do with organ trafficking, will find themselves shunned by the medical community. They will also use journals to help develop ethical policies that will also cause those who do not abide by them to be shunned (Honey 425) The European Commission approved a Communication of Organ donation and Transplantations: Policy Actions at the EU Level. The Communication spoke how important organ transplantation had become over the past fifty years or so and the process that it takes to properly remove an organ from a person’s body and how important organ transplants are to society. The Communication also spoke of areas that could be remedied by making improvements to various aspects organ donations and transplantation. These areas include: the prevention of the recipient receiving a disease from the donor through their transplanted organ. Increasing the donor pool to ease the donor shortage. Other improvements that could be made would be increase accessibility to transplant systems, ensure that the organs are safe for the recipient and making the transplant system more efficient and accessible (European Parliament). It also talks about how the need for transplants has increased with the number of organs that are being donated. Therefore, having an increase in donors does not help lessen the number of people who are waiting for a
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