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CHINESE TAKE-OUT While the kids were busy playing games on their new Xbox 360, I walked to the back of the cabin to order the solitary book on Dylan’s reading list that I didn’t own. After Lynn moved out I realized there was no need for the queen size bed and decided to downsize to a twin size murphy bed. I called Normanskill Self Storage on Delaware Avenue in Albany. They sent a two man moving crew with a van to break the bed down and remove it from the cabin. They delivered the bed and a few other boxed items to their storehouse where I had rented a 200 foot square climate control unit. I thought about giving the bed away but by storing it I could easily move it back to the cabin in case it is needed in the future. By downsizing I was…show more content…
This small one person operation has a storefront facade shaped in the likeness of a barn. I know if I stepped into the front door of this establishment the boys wouldn’t be able to pry me away for at least an hour. Once inside the shopper realizes that the store has a terrific variety of genres of manuscripts. In short, everything you could ever want in terms of stock could be found at the Book Barn. Sometimes you have to dig and pick through large boxes and bins to find something you are interested in purchasing, but for the most part the shelves are cataloged in library style and easy to search. The prices are not the best I 've ever seen but they are reasonable. The owner, Caleb Spencer, is picky in terms of the condition of the books he acquires for resale because they are in tip top shape. It 's hard to say at this point how often the stock turns over, but I have barely made a dent in browsing through the thousands of volumes. Caleb informs me he doesn 't acquire books from individuals and has accumulated his stock in part by buying out 17 other stores over the years. Since I have spent hundreds of dollars there over the past 15 years, Caleb would order any book for me for the lowest cost possible. But saving time at this point overrides saving money. As for Mykle, his school does not assign a summer reading list but they request the parents get involved in their children’s educations.
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