Chinese Traditional Thinking Affect Jook-Liang in the Jade Peony

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Yushi Pang Miss. Kreso ENG4USL 21 March 2013 Chinese traditional thinking affect Jook-Liang in The Jade Peony Can you imagine that everyone rejects you just because you are a girl? That actually happened universally in the last century, specifically in the old China. The gender discrimination was deeply rooted in people’s minds and became a traditional Chinese thinking. Wayson Choy illustrates this kind of discrimination really well in his novel The Jade Peony. In the novel, Grandmother continually reminds Jook-Liang that girl-child is useless, it affect Jook-Liang thinks about people, and change the views of various people. Also, it makes her struggle to assimilate to Chinese and Canadian society. Though, she tries her best to revolt…show more content…
Jook-Liang’s grandmother doesn’t let her become a movie star, because Poh-Poh thinks that Jook-Liang is a girl and that she is useless, she can’t be a movie star, she can do nothing. Conversely, that is just her opinion without any proof, even though Poh-Poh is also a woman. This kind of gender discrimination and ridiculous opinion makes Jook-Liang hate Grandmother. Thirdly, this traditional Chinese thinking makes her think about herself. “My heart almost burst with expectation. I looked again into the hall mirror, seeking Shirley Temple with her dimpled smile and perfect white-skin features. Bluntly reflected back at me was a helmet of black hair. I looked down. Jutting out from a too-large taffeta dress were two spindly legs matched by pair of bony arms. Something cold clutched at my stomach, made me swallow.”(Choy 41). Jook-Liang looks at the mirror and tries to think that she is Shirley Temple after Poh-Poh reprimands that she is useless and ugly. Conversely, she finds that she is not that beautiful as Shirley Temple and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Actually, Grandmother’s rebuke makes her realize her inadequacies. Because of point of view, the traditional Chinese thinking that a girl is useless deeply affects Jook-Liang’s thought about the people around her and herself. Furthermore, the gender discrimination affects Jook-Liang

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