Chinese vs Greeks when It Comes to Influence

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The culture that had the most impact on the modern world varies on opinion from scholar to scholar. Most can agree however; that the Chinese and the Greeks had the most influence. Emphasis should be placed on how Greek culture has spread farther and affected the world in ways the Chinese was unable to. We can see most roots of modern Western culture lying within the Ancient Greek.
Ancient Greece had a very large impact on todays’ modern world. The Greeks developed many amazing inventions, and ideals that have shaped our society. The various fields that were advanced include architecture, democracy, philosophy, science, and social occurrences (arts, sports, etc.). The Greeks were very traditional in their dwelling structures and established three very prominent architectural designs that are still used today. These designs include the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles. The most notable, the Doric style is described by its vertical columns, and the slightly sloped plain roof. The Ionic and Corinthian styles are more intricate and detailed, being dominant during their respectable architectural periods. A famous example would be the Parthenon, the building has withstood the test of time since the 5th century BCE. The style is very notable in the United States, representing buildings of power or high status, the White House being the most prominent example. Comparatively the ancient Chinese style of architecture has stayed in the culture it was brought up in;
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