Chinida By Warrenreich Summary

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Money is everything this day in age. If you want to go do a fun activity with your friends more than likely it is going to cost you. If you want to go see a nature it is going to cost you. Even to get food it costs you, it even costs you to get money. Now a days you need a degree to get a decent job to make money, but college costs lots of money. Even after you’re out of college and starting life you will still be paying on student loans. Now to even get that job, it’s a huge hassle and a struggle, unemployment is at an all time low; however, there is 7 billion people in this world to compete with. You are now competing with people all around the world not just the people in your country, due to outsourcing. Barbara Ehrenreich discusses her…show more content…
They don’t have to worry about somebody in “Chinida” taking their job, because nobody can take away what they are giving away. They are the ones who keep outsourcing and not focusing on losing good workers, or even the effect it is having on the economy. It will always look like a good plan if it keeps putting money into their bank accounts, and gives the company a good image. Ehrenreich has similar thoughts “ I just hope the next time some managers get the idea of cost saving through outsourcing they go for the CEO’s job”(609). Her focus is that outsourcing wouldn’t be such a popular thing if the CEO’s jobs got taken away. They would finally know the struggle of everybody else who has been suffering through outsourcing of their jobs. Zakaria makes a good point when he writes “The next round of rising powers might not be so eager to ‘fit in’ “(616). He is hoping the next round of leaders would stop focusing on what everybody else is doing and quit trying to copy their ways and veer away to a different path. Both authors are saying the leaders of today’s focus is on trying to be just like the rest of world and to do what is best for them individually and not the rest of us. The solution for the both of them is to get rid of some outsourcing not all together, because if that were to happen the Globalizing economy would drop…show more content…
It is helping other people get jobs in other countries rather than here in America. Ehrenreich writes “ Too bad that these reporters can’t get real on-site journalism jobs, at normal American wages, but American are axing good journalist” Instead of using the good resourceful journalist we have here in America we are just giving away the jobs. We are cutting down on the jobs in America, for a cheaper investment with the same education level. Zakaria rebuttals that with “The American economic and social system knows how to respond and adjust to such pressure” His view is we shouldn't worry about it quite yet because America always bounces back. That is exactly what we will
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