Chinua Achebe As A Nigerian English Novelist Essay

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CHINUA ACHEBE AS A NIGERIAN ENGLISH NOVELIST Abstract: Chinua Achebe is the most widely read African novelist in the world today. He has encompassed in his novels one century of history of Nigeria. Achebe highlights various aspects of the Ibo culture in his novels-“Things Fall Apart”, “No Longer at Ease”, “Arrow of God”, “A Man of the People” and “Anthills of Savannah”. He is regarded as the invention of the African literature. He takes pride in being ‘a teacher’ of his society and calls upon his fellow writers to turn their attention to African life, culture and ethos. Keywords: Ibo Culture, thrive, innovative, appalling, roaring flame, spanning, synthesis and erstwhile _______________________________________________________________ Introduction: Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian Novelist seen by millions as the father of modern African Literature, has died at the age of 82 on 22-03-2013 in Boston in the USA. He was born in 1930 0n 15th November in a village called Ogidi in Eastern Nigeria in Africa. His mother tongue is Ibo. His parents were Christians. His father was a teacher in a missionary school in Ogidi. Young Achebe went to this school for his early education. When he was eight he began to learn English and at fourteen he attended Government College at Umuahia. He intended to study medicine but soon switched to English literary studies. He went to the University of Ibadan where he studied English, history and theology. After graduating in 1953, he decided to be

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