Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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Cultural Things Some would say that the essential element of Chinua Achebe 's "Things Fall Apart" is that of the struggle. The role of customs and traditions are incredibly important and decides the fate of men, women, and children. The main character Okonkwo is at odds with himself, the world, and his future throughout the story. This book deal with the obstacles arising from the conflicts of man vs. self, and man vs. society. Throughout the story Okonkwo gains morals and life lessons that change him on his journey of personal growth.
Things Fall Apart is set in the 1890s, at a point when the Europeans started to colonize Africa and in particular Nigeria. This novel explorers the traditions of European literature of Africans that describe them as primitive and savages. The attitudes in novel this are rooted into our insight that the District Commissioner in the book seems familiar with most people perspectives. He is superior acting and very dismissive of people calling them savages, and totally unaware of the rich of Igbo life. Digression is at tool that Achebe 's uses in abundance in the novel. The novel 's central story is the tragedy of Okonkwo, to Achebe The novel is a documentary, but the energy of Achebe 's narrative protects the book from reading like an anthropology text. The reader is allowed to see the Igbo people through their own eyes, as they celebrate rituals and holidays that mark important moments in the year and in the people 's
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