Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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Chinua Achebe is a famous Nigerian novelist in worldwide. Things fall apart is Chinua Achebe’s first novel published in 1958, the year after Ghana became the first African nation to gain independence. And this novel is one of the first African novels to gain worldwide recognition. (Phil Mongredien, 2010) This novel presents people a story of an African Igbo tribal hero, Okonkwo, from his growth to death. The fate of Okonkwo also indicates the fate of Africa caused by the colonization from Europe. Chinua Achebe devoted a large segment of this novel to describe Igbo’s traditions, and because he grew up in a missionary teachers’ family, this novel focuses on the conflicts between Igbo’s traditional customs and Christianity instead of weapons and wars, and show how religion separate and destroy the clan. After reading this novel, the most impressive thing I would like to talk about is the reasons of why the tribe had fallen apart.

The story happened around 1900 in Umuofia, a village near lower Niger. Okonkwo is a respectable leader in his clan. He is strong, brave and doesn’t like to show emotions, because he thinks emotions represent weakness. His personality is affected by his father Unoka, who is a lazy, improvident man. Okonkwo is ashamed of him, so he always tries to be strong. He already had two titles when he is young, and his goal is to achieve the highest title. So it is him to look after Ikemefuna, the boy sacrificed to the village by their
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