Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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Achebe’s Things Fall Apart moved me in a way that had once been unreachable by non-Western literary works regarding the state of foundation in the pre-colonialization period of Africa, and of course the subsequent rule from European powers. It is clear that Achebe sought to paint a truer picture of the sophisticated culture and traditions embedded in tribes that had only been smeared by Europeans who were solely after conquest, commerce, and Christianity. Things Fall Apart starts off at a pinnacle moment of Okonkwo’s life, our protagonist. He is paired off with Amalinze, commonly referred to as the Cat as his back never touches the ground, in a wrestling match. Okonkwo, in all of his masculinity, defeats the Cat and gains the much needed respect of his village members and sets him off on a path to become an esteemed member of society. Okonkwo is a product of his environment and his setting. He was raised in a rough and brutal society that demands strength and honor from men. He, more than anyone, knows this and goes to great lengths to always appear masculine. Though this trait brings him great power and success in the village, it is also leads to his biggest downfalls. To understand Okonkwo, I had to first understand his father, Unoka. His father accumulated many debts from members all across the village and was never able to provide sufficient shelter or food to his family. Unoka was also afraid of the sight of blood, a real weakness in a community of…

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