Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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Chris Lowndes
Ms. Cook
21 October 2015
We Are Family: Hardships in One 's Family in Things Fall Apart
Specific attributes correlate with each other to help create or not create the ideal strong family. However, through those attributes arise conflicts and major disputes. This issue of trying to achieve and create a strong family is of immense importance in one’s life, especially in Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart, a milestone in African literature. For instance, the father leaves his legacy behind for his son to follow but when the son’s future is not secured by the father, it results in desolation. Just as the speaker illustrates that the father needs to provide for his family, so too does he illuminate that reciprocal respect is a necessity for a sturdy family. The dearth of this attribute leads to an inevitable downfall. This also brings about the prominent issue of unity in one’s family. Without unity nothing but misery and corruption follows. Overall, then, through the importance of family values the speaker illustrates what can destroy or help create a strong family. The text ultimately becomes a comment on the characteristics and essentials in which a family needs or else the intractability of these practices will prove to be lead into downfall.
Achebe implies that a family will fall apart if the future of the son is not secured by his own father. For instance, through the repetition of the verb “inherit,” the speaker emphasizes the importance of the…

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