Chipotle Mexican Grill Case Analysis

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Group report: case study analysis

Case number 10: Chipotle Mexican Grill 2012: Can it hit a Second Home Run?

Group number: 3

Group members: * Vu Thanh Loc – accounting * Dang Hoai Nam – accounting * Tran Dieu Linh – accounting * Nguyen Thi Ngoc Diep – accounting * Phan Dang Mai Anh – accounting * Thach Dieu Huong – accounting * Pham Thien Trang – accounting * Dao Khanh Ly – accounting


This case study is about Chipotle, a young fast food company. In 2012, Chipotle has shown a successful performance with its Grills. Following the path, Chipotle is building a new project which is the ShopHouse. The ShopHouse predicated on much the same strategy with the Grill but it had
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The company follows the strategy predicated on five elements: serving a focus menu, using high-quality ingredient and classic methods, creating operationally efficient restaurant with aesthetically pleasing and distinctive interior settings, taking good care of each customer and protect the environment. There is no doubt about the success of this strategy, so Ells wants to use exact the same strategy for the new model – the ShopHouse. The problem is that whether the same strategy would help Chipotle to make a second successful performance or not.
In order to solve the problems, this report will in turn goes through 7 questions:
1. Does Chipotle Mexican Grill have any core competencies and distinctive competencies?
2. What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the attractiveness of Chipotle Mexican Grill’s situation and future prospects?
3. What are components of Chipotle’s value chain, what’s the primary one?
4. What are the chief components of Chipotle’s strategy?
5. Which one of the five generic competitive strategies Chipotle Mexican Grill is employing?
6. What are the differences from rivals’ strategy?
7. How is Chipotle financial performance?
8. How does Chipotle Mexican Grill’s competitive strength compare against that of Taco Bell, Qdoba MexicanGrill, and Moe’s Southwest Grill?

Question 1
The core competencies of Chipotle: * High quality products with the best raw materials (naturally raised beef, pork and chicken) *
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