Chip's and Dip's Case Study

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CASE STUDY I. TITLE: Chorale’s Chips and Dips, Inc.: Are You In or Are You Out? II. PERSPECTIVE In an organization where there is a culture that has been developed through years, a culture of uncommitted individuals and selfish authorities, the harmony that is needed in accomplishing the organizational goals between the management and the rank-and-file employees cannot be attained. At this point, any person who wants to implement changes in the system for the better of the company can experience great stress and difficulty due to the resistance and developed attitudes of the members of the organization. III. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The negative and uncommitted attitudes of the employees were not caused…show more content…
The connection that they can have can be very personal which they can use to treat the organization as a big family. Although these solutions may require expending costs, this is an investment that has high return that can offset the losses the organization is incurring due to the absences and unproductivity of their employees on its present condition. VI. ALTERNATIVE COURSE OF ACTION An alternative solution for solving the organization’s problem is to hire a new recognition team leader. One major problem to overcoming the problem is the acceptance of the prospective team leader. After entailing the problems the organization is experiencing, the person to ask to be the new recognition team leader will have to think of he can do what is expected of him. Indeed, not an easy to task to fill up. Of course, this solution would require great commitment to the organization. The hiring of the new recognition team leader is more effective because it will address on the issues internally –from the core—which is the employees. However, this would require great people-smart skills. Upon having the list of proposed solutions, this would be the most cost-effective solution the president has. While this is the most feasible and fastest, it is also prone to drawbacks. A first drawback is the resistance that he may experience from the employees themselves would be demoralizing for him. A second drawback is that he may also hear

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