Chiquana Dragons: A Short Story

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One day in the city of Chiquana, a man named Jeremy Hudson lived with his wife and son. He was a famous Canadian league receiver for the Chiquana Dragons. Over the course of his 13 year career he has racked up 14,367 yards, and 133 touchdowns. The upcoming season had been cancelled due to bomb threats by a group of hitmen . His wife Sheree Hudson, and his son Phillip Hudson were not to happy. They had gotten season tickets, and there wasn't going to be a season.

Somebody had to do something about this scenario.One night at the dinner table, 18 year old Phillip Hudson stepped up. “I am going to stop this mess,” he said. Jeremy responded, “Son you know it can get dangerous messin roun wit dem hitmen dontchu?’’ “So you know I ain't scared, ima bust all they heads! My heart don't pump no fear,” Phillip answered back. With frustration, he leaves the dinner table and heads outside. His parents ask, “Where are you going?’’ He responded, “For a stroll, gotta release some stress.” They answered back, “Well we coming.” They got
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He was coming up the street to a light when there was another snake on the road But, he had just overcome this fear. He mashed the gas and at the last moment he swerved. An Audi R8 sped right over it busting it brains open. Phil hit the brakes and straightened up. He went towards the red light and stopped. He drove up on the side the R8, and he couldn't believe. It was his parents. He thought to himself, wow God really works miracles. He waved and smiled and they returned the wave and the smile. Oh and another note, the season was
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